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La Cimbali M39 TE DT2 Dosatron



M39 TE is Cimbali’s new top-range machine. Designed, implemented and built to develop and improve business; it is the barista’s able and capable partner.

This classic model of the Cimbali range includes many innovative solutions.
The model is presented with a new look as well as upgraded technology and functionalities.

Increasingly more evolved and connected to the world of the coffee bar and their specific needs. M39 T.E., features new and advanced electronics, in terms of performance and functionality.
This new advanced technology allows the management of interfaces for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (optional) connectivity.

Dimensions (mm)   855(L) x 570(W) x 597(H)
Net Weight                86 kg
Power Installed at ~ 220-240V3~ 380-415V3N~50-60Hz (W)  4200 – 5000


Additional information

Weight 86 kg
Dimensions 85.5 × 57.0 × 59.7 cm


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